8 Clever Ways to Style Your Gold Plated Jewelry

8 Clever Ways to Style Your Gold Plated Jewelry

8 Clever Ways to Style Your Gold Plated Jewelry

If you love the look of gold plated jewelry but don’t have the budget to buy the real thing, don’t despair! With some clever styling tricks, you can make your gold plated jewelry look like the real deal and no one will be able to tell the difference (or care). Here are 8 different ways to style your gold plated jewelry to make it look more expensive than it really is!

1) Pair with other gold plated pieces
While you don’t want to layer too many gold pieces together, if you have a simple gold plated bracelet or necklace that you love, try pairing it with another piece. For example, instead of layering a necklace and earrings all at once, try adding just one gold plated bracelet and then complementing it with an accessory in your personal style, like patterned jewelry or a bold red lip. Or keep things even simpler by creating a two-piece combo that accents both your wrist and neckline—we love how Lauren Conrad does just that. Pairing more than two gold accessories looks overpowering, so stick to one or two additional complementary pieces for optimal impact. Built-in versatility: Another pro tip is that when wearing gold plated pieces, you don’t always need to match them exactly (especially if there are multiple items in your outfit). For instance, rather than wearing a matching set of bangles—like Marcia Gay Harden did here with her triple bangle set—try mixing up materials and textures.

2) Mix with silver and gold accessories
Many women love gold plated jewelry because of its affordability and easy ability to mix with silver and gold accessories. It can be worn year-round, but looks especially pretty during winter months with earthy tones. When styling your own look, it’s best to stick with simple pieces so they don’t overshadow other, more intricate items in your ensemble. You can never go wrong with a classic watch (gold or silver band), or some dainty earrings you can wear every day. If bolder is more your style, consider adding a cuff bracelet or ring to complete an outfit. Best of all? Gold plate accents are budget friendly; you won’t have to break open that 401k just yet!

3) Layer necklaces
Layer necklaces in unique combinations, such as gold and silver or oxidized copper and antique silver, for a more playful style. Try stacking different pendants on each other, such as adding a dainty charm onto a longer chain with a larger pendant. This creates an eye-catching layering effect without weighing you down. You can also try wrapping your necklaces around your wrist, or find ways to wear multiple necklaces at once for even more visual interest. Necklaces are fun accessories; experiment with layering them so they stay interesting!

4) Wear a layered bracelet stack
If you’re looking for a fun way to put on an ensemble while staying classy, consider layering gold plated bracelets on your wrist. The best part is that each individual bracelet comes in its own shiny packaging, so they are great accessories to just add and forget about or use individually as well. Using at least four bracelets is recommended but you can wear more depending on how flashy your outfit is! If you have too many to choose from go with a beaded style: Not only do beads make every piece of jewelry stand out—they also draw attention to all areas of your outfit, like earrings for example.

5) Use as an accent piece on your outfits
A major perk of gold-plated jewelry is that it can be worn with virtually any outfit—formal or casual. Since these pieces are not expensive, you can use them as an accent piece in order to dress up your outfits without having to splurge on other high-end jewelry. If you’re looking for a way to get more wear out of your jewelry, consider purchasing a few gold-plated pieces. Luxe Custom Gems has a great selection.

6) Mix with pearls and other jewelry pieces
Mix your gold-plated jewelry with other pieces, such as pearls and diamonds. This is a sophisticated way of styling gold-plated jewelry without being too loud. It also helps to keep you from wearing too much of one type of jewelry at once. Keep in mind that mixing different types of silver- or gold-plated jewelry is all right—no need to be afraid that it will cheapen your look. The bigger no-no would be mixing types of platinum (white/silver) with white gold (yellow/white). These two are not considered complementary in jewelry design and often clash together instead of making a cohesive statement.

7) Stack rings on one finger
It’s impossible to ignore a stack of rings on one finger. It’s an eye-catching way to highlight one piece in your collection that you wear most often. Add multiple colorful rings, or try gold and silver for a more polished look. Stack them all together, or mix it up with a couple stacked rings with others placed around your fingers by themselves. Keep things playful and interesting with stacks of dainty gold bands. For those who prefer understated jewelry, mixing small diamond bands on each finger will create a fun surprise when you wiggle your hand!

8) Wear as a pair of earrings
Whether you want a bit of glitz for your lobes or a little glamour for your ears, adding just one gold-plated earring can add instant style. With so many necklaces and rings available in a range of styles, you won’t be stuck wearing a single pair of earrings when you decide to mix it up. Pairing an earring with another accessory is also an excellent way to complement any outfit without being overwhelming. For example, pairing studs with a simple bracelet makes them appear larger while still looking elegant and understated. Plus, if you wear multiple pieces of plated jewelry at once, they will all likely match perfectly since they were made to match each other!
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