Our Story

 Luxe Custom Gems— About Us

Celebrate the idea that you don’t fit in, find your own fit, and stay unique.

We, human beings, are unique in our own beautiful ways. Divided by genders, regions, nationalities, and ethnicities, still representing the superior living beings of all. The world is a beautiful and enchanting place to live, and so are we, with our personalities, abilities, and even our flaws.

So why not celebrate who you are by choosing the right kind of jewelry? Yes, you heard it right; at Luxe Custom Gems, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all mentality and offer products that represent your true self.

Who Are We?

Luxe Custom Gems is your ultimate destination for sustainable gold-plated jewelry. With a rage of styles of that are not only mesmerizing but stylish, elegant, bold and trendy . Adding accessories and jewelry into your look makes a whole lot of difference in your personality and your confidence, and we take pride in offering some of the best designs on the planet.

“Flowers and chocolate get to die or be eaten, but jewelry is forever.”

So whether you are thinking about investing in your jewelry collection or giving a gift, there is something utterly precious for everyone.

What Do We Offer?

Luxe Custom Gems offers you the right tool to make a statement in every appearance. As we believe, “exquisite jewelry is like a spice; it compliments what’s already there.” With Luxe Custom Gems, you can get your hands on a far-flung range of enchanting, trendy, swanky, and extremely gorgeous sustainable jewelry.

Whether you adore minimal fashion or want something really special in the form of jewelry, we have everything in store for you. Plus, you can have it in different forms, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and jewelry sets. If you are looking for something unique, we hope you find it with us.

Meet the Owner

Luxe Custom Gems is the brainchild of Sunshine, who is a highly motivated 25 years old mompreneur with a sturdy and profound passion for jewelry. She established her business in 2019 with the sole purpose of redefining the jewelry game for her valuable customers.

All this came into existence after the death of her beloved father and the birth of her beautiful daughter— Harmony.

Before the sad demise of her beloved dad, he handed over a cross necklace to her, which she always uses as a source of strength and motivation whenever she feels stuck and discouraged.  All this became the powerpack motivational force driving her to succeed in life.

By offering a wide range of bespoke designs of jewelry for all occasions at excellent quality, and affordable rates, Sunshine is offering her clients the ultimate customer service experience.

The foundation of Luxe Custom Gems is based on the solid principles of Sunshine to serve the clients with only the best. That’s what makes Luxe Custom Gems your favorite online jewelry destination.

Mission Statement

To provide quality, sustainable and stylish jewelry to clients at affordable rates to offer a top-notch service experience.

Vision Statement

Is to transform our business into a brand that delivers motivational force in the form of environmental friendly, beautiful yet sturdy jewelry with a persistent approach to growth and financial wellness.

Why Choose Us?

You need to check our collection because we believe in individuality and celebrating uniqueness.

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

But apart from this, multiple features make us stand out in the competition, including the following:

  •         Exquisite, sustainable, and stylish designs
  •         Top-notch customer care services
  •         Affordable prices
  •         Prompt and safe delivery
  •         Secure shopping experience
  •         Excellent quality every time
  •         Easy return policy

What are you waiting for? Visit our site and shop your heart out for you and your loved ones.